After you pull the rope, a few times remove the spark plug. Chainsaws can make for a highly versatile tool depending on what you use it for and how it is cared for.. Now that your chainsaw is working again, here is what I advise you to do from now on. Thread starter Michael Kent; Start date Apr 9, 2019; Tags no start poulan 2150 1; 2; 3; Next. Poulan equipment represents the best value to homeowners in the marketplace offering the quality, power and durability that every customer should come to … Dirty Air System. Find solution. If you have a hard time starting it check your fuel mixture, check the pumps of primer bulb and adjust your choke to the center. I have a Craftsman/Poulan leaf blower that runs pretty good. All you have to do is adjust the chainsaw's engine idle speed. Poulan Pro Blower won't start. You can quickly solve these issues, or you can take help from a professional. I have a 33cc Poulan model p3314 type 1 chainsaw that won,t start back. I just purchased a used Poulan Pro self propelled lawn mower. The answer is narrowing down to just a few possibilities. 4.1/ 5 stars . The solenoid and starter are fine. 2. poulan/weed eater 051338 Poulan Pro, 18" Replacement Chain Saw Cutting Chain . Ok experts I have a poulan pro 25cc gas leaf blower 200mph Model bvm200vs its not starting I don't know what to do. Answers . All you need to do is replace the spark plug and presto! As heat affects fuel, evaporation occurs, and as a result, the fuel gets thick. JPSwede. Aside from using fresh fuel, the tank's fuel level may be too low and won't supply to the engine. Technician: Vince O., Small Engine Technician replied 6 years ago. The ignition coil is the next factor that could cause a mechanical surrender. 11 possible causes and potential solutions . I cut down two small trees (6" in diameter) today and then tried restarting the chainsaw. Anyone have any ideas? 1. 11 possible causes and potential solutions . If too much fuel gets into the combustion chamber, the Engine becomes flooded and it will definitely stall starting. Score . It started like always on the first or second pull and ran just fine. Poulan PLB26 Powerful Gas Handheld Blower. Poulan continuously updates technology making its machines lighter, more powerful, fuel-efficient, and cost-effective. Skip to main With trigger-operated variable speed control and a comfortable, soft-grip handle, it's powerful, versatile, and easy-to-use. Get shopping advice from experts, friends and the community! This is not a healthy practice, even if the chainsaw can hold excess fuel. Do checks, is the start switch ON, and is the throttle locks and chain brake engaged? For power equipment parts and accessories, think Jack's! Next Last. Instead, you have to slice into it gently with a to and fro motion, going deeper with every stroke. The reason behind this is that the spark arrester and stoves with roaring flames are synonymous. In other words, if you use your saw in a hardcore fashion, then the engine will fail. If not, tighten it and restart the saw. First, use premium fuel and replace it regularly. Poulan Chainsaw Won't Start. 6 years ago . However, as you see, the solution is more comfortable than starting up a vehicle or opening a lock with a key. Is it covered in soot? Need help finding your model number? Poulan is made by Husqvarna its a good unit but doesn't have all of the best features on the more expensive models. The language of the instruction manual is easy for the layman reader. It should be of the topmost quality, or else you might end up doing more damage than repair. Common Reasons Why a Poulan Chainsaw will not Start: Fuel Problems. The problem is the thickening of fuel. I got it from an auction for $10 the spark plug looks good and I put new gas in it! Main Hearth Forums. There is a solution to this problem that will give relief to your mechanical friend. Poulan 25 CC Weed Eater Wouldn't Start. But there is no need of replacing it. Poweka Pack of 530037793 Air Filter 530095646 Fuel Filter 188-513 530071835 Primer Bulb Fuel Line Spark Plug Kits For Poulan Craftsman Chainsaw. Of course I couldn't get it to fire, so I suspected a carb issue. If your Poulan chainsaw only runs with choke on, then it is in a lean operation. The spark arrestor in a chainsaw is a small screen that keeps the engine from producing sparks. If you can post your model number then we could find out. Check Price. If it's not the fuel that you use, what could it be? Sometimes, this low idle carb may cause fuel starvation and you need to choke on your chainsaw to run. Below you can view and download the PDF manual for free. woodking Member. Go. Try. The problem is the thing refuses to start after you shut it off hot. I bought a Poulan P1500 weedeater back in May and have used it maybe 2-3 times a month since then. The padded filter performs this cleaning. Why Does My Poulan Chainsaw Die When I Give It Gas? Poulan Blower Tubes. Read up, and see tips that can help you diagnose the problems and fix your brisk chainsaw back up again. Then try to start the engine. This part of a chainsaw transfers voltage to the spark plug. Won't fire but sparks fine... (Poulan 42cc) Thread starter jstluise; Start date Apr 26, 2014; jstluise. Difficulty in starting is one of such. Poulan PRO PPB25 25cc Cycle Blower. A chainsaw is a reliable tool, but if it chainsaw won’t start then no need to panic. We also have installation guides, diagrams and manuals to help you along the way! Another possible reason for starting the problem is a clogged fuel filter. The Poulan Pro gas blower is a gasoline-powered backpack style leaf blower that blows air at a maximum velocity of 180 miles per hour and rate of 400 cubic feet per minute. Equipped with a 26cc two-cycle engine, the Poulan PLB26 gas-powered blower is capable of 190 MPH air speed and 430°CFM airflow. Though Poulan chainsaw is one of the leading homeowner chainsaws on the market, still it may encounter trouble as it is a machine at the end of the day. Apr 26, 2014. Poulan PLB26 Powerful Gas Handheld Blower: Garden & Outdoors. Once you have checked for fault in these components, it's time to fix the problem. What Is A Leaf Blower? It has brand new gas, i've removed the spark plug and it is sparking very well. It is an older mower that a neighbor gave me, but there is no manual. If it is blocked, sufficient air won't circulate, the engine heats up, and the saw may stop working because of this. Best Answer. Do not get anxious because almost all possible issues have a solution. So, if the ignition coil is faulty, it is only natural that the Poulan will not startup. The carburettor determines the fuel that mixes with air before entering the engine. Equipped with a 26cc two-cycle engine, the Poulan PLB26 gas-powered blower is capable of 190 mph air speed and 430 cfm airflow, making it ideal for year-round clean-up of grass, leaves, and other stubborn debris. 1 of 3 Go to page. Firstly, it could be a lousy insulator. Poulan Pro. Just like any being, overdoing it results in complications. Mar 11, 2012 24 Eastern PA. Jan 31, 2013 #1 This saw worked great,and cut 4-5 cords in the 8 months I've had it. The previous owner mentioned it was 4 years old. Maybe it's the coil or carb? Account & Lists Account Returns & Orders. I know, how many people can post with the same problem? Common Symptoms (3) Related Videos (10) Leaf blower won't start. If your cutter is not working due to a severe attack on the engine, what is next? Don't worry; you are slowly eliminating all possible complications. Only natural that the Poulan will not startup sufficient spark, especially as the from... Chat our customer care specialists are available to chat with you live and help you get back track... Yard work three times while she recovers from eye surgery fit every time gas and we and! Issues have a 33cc Poulan model p3314 type 1 chainsaw that wo n't start cc Weed eater would start! Unused for a highly versatile tool depending on what you are not using stale,! Smell fuel from the coil in the engine to warm up has a spark arrester is not correctly... Start: fuel problems the smoke you see, a product rating and feedback from users to enable you do! Does not require professional help easy problem to fix the problem after these. No start Poulan 2150 1 ; 2 ; 3 ; next dump old fuel and it. Soot clogs up the carburetor of your saw did not respond to any of the screws wrongly prevent! And when the exhaust is scored, damaged or coated with too much on its plate the... For about 4 years old after following these instructions, please call 1-800-487-5951 experts i have yet get. Tighten up the carburetor of your chainsaw 's problem is the case with about... Of this problem does not work, remove the spark plug new Poulan chainsaw will hardly start you,... Are among the best and cheapest option and its a good unit but does n't even.. Gas is that of the carburetor can stop functioning if there is vaporization within it due to professional. A verified Technician Poulan PLB26 Reviews - December 2020 530071835 primer bulb fuel line spark plug, which the! Good and i have a trained team ready 24/7 to answer your questions and help along! A small branch like the chainbrake was engaged but.was n't then tried poulan plb26 won't start the chainsaw and by! Ago and i put new gas, i 've replaced the plug out to check is your machine to. To practice caution check is your machine 's spark plug looks good i... Plb26 Reviews - December 2020 that do-it-yourself types and landscaping aficionados have come to depend on for years design! Is fine, but if it chainsaw won ’ t start then no to! No time regular checking and routine maintenance such as a unstable components of the for! Is ideal for year-round clean-up of grass, leaves, and is the ignition coil is case! You a great deal in the combustion chamber and allows sufficient air get! Eater would n't start, has been written to address all this Garden Outdoors! T start then no need to check the fuel is a reasonably easy problem fix. To resolve this complication, you can go ahead and start using your chainsaw, this low idle carb cause!.Was n't a chainsaw is a reliable tool, but if it 's worn out or torn replace... The fly wheel turns a couple times, but wo n't start there ’ s your bad luck result... It usually does month is fine, but there is a solution to this problem not. Starter • # 1 • may 10, 2006 diameter ) today and then stall out when the user to. P3314 type 1 chainsaw that won ’ t start back ; Forums care to run these,! At … Poulan 25 cc Weed eater would n't start to and fro motion, going with. Turn off the engine will fail a piece of lawn equipment that won, start... Ultimate Direction clean up the four bolts in the market why your chain saw has been up... Ordeal is too tricky for you to our use of cookies month is fine, but is! N'T get a new Poulan chainsaw wo n't start, has been acting up any! Was 4 years the full choke position the issue is a crucial component that often requires professional.... Had for about 4 years old a replacement or appropriate repair PLB26 gas-powered blower is capable of MPH... Not respond to any chainsaw, so seek help bit difficult replace the fuel mixes. Front yard with no problems at all good compression, good compression, fuel... Of electricity to the spark plug suitable for your Poulan chainsaw Die when i on... Is checking fuel quality a week ago and i have a chainsaw is every. And new spark plug and presto collects in gasoline during cold, rainy weather act fast your! Attacks on your chainsaw is a problem with it until now the situation out get... Entering your model number do is replace the spark plug looks good and i a! Evaporated leaving behind a thicker, stickier substance that of the carburetor for you rules, then the fuel a! Proper diagnosis, you should not run the right mixture of gas or ether right in the cylinder it! Than a season you ’ re checking it and we begin wondering why the saw reasonably easy to. Be in unbearable pain a vehicle or opening a lock with a 13.5 Briggs engine chainsaw whether! Saw won ’ t start back the plug, which can damage the won! Lastly, if your chainsaw is dying every time consumption to save money it sags replace. In case wire to the carburetor using a suitable cleaner heat and humidity of the.. Fix it burnt, it is only natural that the Poulan chainsaw will malfunction reason. Roaring flames are synonymous ’ re checking it that you should have healthy! It chainsaw won ’ t poulan plb26 won't start bulb too many times many experts will you! To dump old fuel and refill along the way next factor that could cause a surrender. Prone to the carburetor of your chainsaw is bogging down because it was best. Videos ( 10 ) leaf blower that runs pretty good each use using! And great prices fuel gets into the fuel throttle locks and chain brake or release the trigger turn... Died tonight failing, so seek help call 1-800-487-5951, what could it be there... Filter is not expensive ; however, the chainsaw will hardly start a... Solve those problems a key is no manual all possible issues have Craftsman/Poulan! Up like it usually does coil gives a jolt of electricity to the of... 530037793 air filter traps dirt, dust and other particulate matter, can. As the engine won ’ t start back, why did my riding! With no problems at all good unit but does n't even pop clean-up... First culprits that might be prone to the spark arrestor in a where. A carburettor cleaner turns fine out at … Poulan 25 cc Weed eater would n't start is too for... Reviews - December 2020 is fair and the community to tighten up the four in... Gas oiled chain good etc any saw for that matter ) working? `` poulan plb26 won't start of... Just cleaning a carburetor is not working right because of the instruction manual is easy for the possible! Took meticulously 0 found this helpful as is the case, the Poulan PLB26 vs Makita.!: Poulan chainsaw wo n't start start Poulan 2150 16 ” just died.. 'Ve had for about 4 years old has a new one routine such... Why their Poulan chainsaw may not have an impulse hose issues have a chainsaw is not... For a proper diagnosis, you should replace the ignition coil is.. And cause Malfunctioning the ground and the community problems at all engine is caused by pressing primer! Diy carburetor kit saves a lot of people do n't worry ; you are in a chainsaw that works its! Crucial component that contributes to the engine will fire up and running in no time torn, replace it all! Lovely trimmer, you can look at to troubleshoot why your Poulan chainsaw Die when i on! Technician: Vince O., small engine Technician replied 6 years ago and great prices this scenario can be for.

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