Be careful while using it, because ... 5.Hair Pomade for Bill Interact with Bill Williamson while he's sitting on the chair next to his tent between 8am and 8pm. Keep an eye on that list as you play. Where have you got 337,100 from to reach rank 50?? I’m wondering why Charles’ Robbery mission is showing up anymore? I only got do not seek absolution 1 and 2. Im in chapter 5 while in level 2 of honor…. You can view all horse breeds at any stables). PSN is Troyjanman21, If u want to boost online trophies my ID is mimi1992, Hi need help with All fair’s. It takes 337,100 to reach rank 50 in the first red dead. In polish : 1.Mewa karaibska 2. *Big thanks to EphemeralEcho for initially figuring out all the missable Chapter 5 animals and DOM098652 for figuring out they do not affect the trophy. When I go to settings I can see that I have completed 10 out 10 strangers mission. I have a question about posse up. Are you planning on doing Call of Cthulhu Trophy Guide? Don't expect that you will complete all of the requests during your playthrough. do every mission thats listed in here. There is one missable lion from a stranger mission but it’s not needed because it doesn’t get added to the compendium. I have another worry about the same mission though. For Headshots and accuracy. It’s absolutely vital that the carcasses are in perfect condition (3 stars), otherwise they won’t be accepted. That said add a note that says buy some blood pressure tablets as it is an infuriating exercise to win races. LS is the name on map. You just seriously need to add some info for lending a hand trophy…despite that you can unlock it via a glitch. When the lawmen come, shoot them too. So you never got to kill the legendary animal? Also follow the story decisions in the Honor Guide to gain ranks quickly. Sharpshooter: Get 1000 kills with one weapon type (automatically on way to Rank 50), Combat: 1000 Enemies killed (automatically on way to Rank 50), Hunting: Kill 1 flying bird with an arrow (the bow unlocks at Rank 10 at Gunsmith, birds are everywhere at day), Travel: Rode on horseback from Valentine to Strawberry in 3:30 (buy horse stimulants from a stable to refill horse stamina instantly on the go), Travel: Rode on horseback from Emerald Ranch to Braithwaite Manor in 3:45 (buy horse stimulants from a stable to refill horse stamina instantly on the go. Not just one species. I’m currently in chapter 4 camp and wondering if it’s still possible to trigger item requests. Lending a Hand . What makes this a 6/10 difficulty in your opinion? All bounties held by the player in chapter 6 not finished are lost if not completed in that chapter. Luckily, we only need to reach Rank 50 of 100 so it’s “only” halfway up to max rank. In the top right corner you will see a white cowboy hat when you gained honor points, and a red bandit hat when you did something dishonorable. I have one challenge left on explorer to find a challenge. The bar must reach the left side (dishonorable) or the right side (honorable). Any suggestions? In the same menu click “Invite to Posse” and just invite everyone on the server (or press to switch to invite friends). Which main mission was the last one you did, i need to plant the bombs with micah for my next one. I’ve been talking to everybody there but nothing pops up. Welcome to the Red Dead Redemption 2 Trophy Guide! RDR2 is a massive project to platinum. It’s much easier this way because there is no bounty hunters or lawmen looking for you in New Austin if you don’t have a bounty there. lots of complaints in the comments so I just wanted to come and give kudos. “Lending a Hand” just popped for me during the end credits at the same time as the final story achievement. Maybe we need to do every strangers missions in the game for the trophy can pop ? You can find it near Arthur's bed. Red Dead Online: Complete a Free Roam mission as part of a Posse with at least 2 members. After I completed the replay the trophy popped out of nowhere. LOL. The online trophies are straightforward and will come naturally while going for Rank 50. The only thing you should keep in mind is to save up money for making a Permanent Posse ($200), for filling 5 stalls with horses ($1700), and for buying 5 camp upgrades ($250). Is it registered there? I would like to know, why you put china pig and old pig on the chapter 5 animals list, if china pig and old pig are not Guarma animals, i have found them in regular gameplay world long time before i found them on guarma. Hello. The order doesn’t matter as long as you get them before the chapter ends (after the chapter there’s no way to go back). Looking the official guide i see that only 80 species of animal are listed (es. You’ve skinned every animal or one for species? West of the Manor. While you’re at your gang’s camp, people will randomly come up to you and give you item requests of stuff they want. Not sure how it works as I just started online and got it like 30 mins after completing the online tutorial. Hey – I think this wording is really interesting, because I’ve noticed on a few trophies that “states” is used to mean: the below, as seen in the Bountiful trophy. The trophy unlocks later than it should for some reason. More. I’d go back if I were you. I need help for boost All’s Fair then shot father the trophy is pop up Hey accidentally missed “of men and angels” is there any way to go back after “the fine art of conversation” or do I have to restart my game and do all of the honour missions again??? It really is that good. Hello powerpyx hope that you have a great day !! I took an old save of mine and went to the church, walked 5 circles but can’t find sister calderon. Self-explanatory. Im pretty sure you get invited to Ms Hobbs Hut where she gives you the Statue. Return to the spot and check for the bear. Once the statue has been recovered and put on the fireplace again, you must wait 24 hours for it to be stolen again. im curious if i also missed one. Question about “Friends with benefits” trophy. The 6th and last location of the squirrel statue (it’s art trophy) is at the top of mount shann. I was wondering whether that trophy should be missable as well because you can miss out most of the stranger missions if you don’t bother with them. Leopold Strauss, a member of your Gang, the older loan-shark 🙂. This trophy is unlocked when beating the story (finished Epilogue – Part II). Since there isn’t much to affect your honor in Chapter 5, the first realistic shot at this is in Chapter 6 or after beating the story (in Chapter 6 you gain +/- 50% Honor for all actions). One from Javier , available during chapter 2 and 3 and a home robbery given Sean only available during chapter 3. Thanks for the great guide PowerPyx. because I went to hunt legendary buck, and then bounty hunters came after me and the hunt was interrupted and the buck died on it’s own, now i can’t get to kill legendary buck anymore so studying it to 100% isn’t possible anymore. Thanks man! To be the MVP (Most Valuable Player) you need to be the overall best performing player who gets featured at the end of the match. I’ve found the fourth snake on Guarma: Fer-de-Lance Snake. I just can’t find Jack at the camp to return the book. You will get the trophy for the legendary fish (automatically) if you follow the hunting quests (side quest) for the veteran with one leg. After having finished the Tutorial, at any time you can open the Pause Menu > Online > Showdown Series / Showdown Series Large / Race Series. Tried reloading save but it’s still there. I have all the missions in my progress tab. @dro2020. You can cook the same meat multiple times and each piece of meat will count towards the trophy (does NOT have to be 20 different types of “items”). DOM098652 = For detailed testing and confirmation that the Chapter 5 Guarma Animals are not needed for “Skin Deep” or “Zoologist” and for finding a way to get Cuban Land Crab & Green Iguana on the main map, on the biggest island of Flat Iron Lake. But the poker game or the domino game in chapter 4 did not pop the trophy. The official guide says every species, so it may not be all 178, though you probably still have to study every single type. This page contains a map for Legendary Fish in Red Dead Redemption 2 and a guide explaining how to catch them. I’m at the beginning of Chapter 3 and want to save my honour gut nothing changes it to the positive do you know why? I’ve completed 45% of the game and I’m in chapter 3.. Ok, you can still play this chapter 5 mission in chapter 6 and then the chapter will be concluded. Yes it’s normal. Money takes longer to earn in Multiplayer than it does in Singleplayer. It’s not missable. Show secret trophies. Step 5: Place the statue above the fireplace. The trophy guide will help you unlock all your achievements and trophies in Red Dead Redemption 2. [*Note: In Patch 1.03 there is a lucky way to “cheat” the trophy if you missed it: After beating the story, replay the mission “Home Improvement for Beginners” (Epilogue) and the trophy unlocks instantly (regardless of how many honor missions you missed). its worded to make you think you need to win without losing a tile from your board. Hosea – Request: American Ginseng x2 – Location: A plant found in the wilderness, use, Molly – Request: Pocket Mirror – Location: In a hut of Martha’s Swain, east of Three Sisters. You can find it on the nightstand next to the bed (, Sadie – Request: Harmonica – Location: Found in a shelf of a hut east of Flatneck Station (, Kieran – Request: Burdock Root x2 – Location: A plant found in the wilderness, use. Players can opt to customize their hair and keep clean in order to affect their looks and how they are … I know I completed it, did all the debt collections, etc. RDR2, レッドデッドリデンプション2, Red Dead Redemption II, 레드 데드 리뎀션 2, RDR 2, 레데리2: Releases : PS4 • WW • October 26, 2018 PS4 • NA • October 26, 2018 PS4 • EU • October 26, 2018: Share Tweet Post. 3. Wanted posters are removed from your satchel after chapter 6 if you have any and they seem to not come back. Almost at the point of begging on the mic for someone to start one and let me stop them. Correct, nothing is missable in Chapter 1. For example, in the capture mode, even if you placed third on the scoreboard but you managed to make the most captures, you might still be displayed as the MVP. After each chapter, check your story log (Pause Menu > Progress > Story) and make sure it didn’t add any undone missions to the bottom of the list. Great as always and it’s amazing to have this on time before release. Red Dead Redemption 2 on PC has landed, and while there are already RDR2 mods available, it appears that some players have It will scan the Red Dead Redemption 2 files to verify the integrity attempt to download and replace ant missing or corrupt files. Im being a good guy since the start. thanks… no idea how I missed that lol. Worked for me after story. I’m not sure about the videos yet. When I check my progression for chapter 3, the mission wasn’t there, and the achievement did not register more progress. Yesterday I spent 1 hour replaying 2 missions in chapter 1, instead I could have just played the story much longer. I had to play through it all again just to get it 🙂. I can totally confirmed that you don’t need any animals from Guarma to get the trophies. I am so frustrated right now. Any help? Sleep twice in a row, then you must wait 5-10 minutes (real time) before you can sleep again. i completed more than 10 full quest lines for strangers and still got no trophie pop for that. Thanks. Now have your friend leave your posse and make them create their own one. The beta for Red Dead Online launched in full on November 30, 2018. Hit me up on PSN: Daniior so we can help each other, Hi Keep sleeping until the trophy unlocks. The only tricky region is Ambarino because there are no towns there. You can buy the 4 cheapest “Kentucky Saddlers” which cost $50 each ($200 total). In the beginning of the game when you enter your first camp. Just keep doing more stranger quests and it will unlock. After having finished the Tutorial you can press > Posse > > Form a Posse. now im not sure if i’ve done the mission as its not in my log.. is there more to this one? The same thing happened to me and I’m worried its going to keep me from getting the associated trophy and platinum. Had no idea! ". But missed brothers and sisters all in one, chapter 6! Am i good to get those honor missions? While anything on this list is not required for 100% Completion, a player may be interested in completing and collecting everything available in the game. Because if it is, its a missable trophy, there is only one legendary of each type, if you kill it and did not study them, you dont get another chance… Can someone please confirm that the legendaries do not need to be studied…, Because you only have Track/Kill/Skin for legendaries in compendium, no study aperantly required… But when you hunt them, the study option does appear… Im really worried because the last manual save i made is long ago, and tracking the animals is tiresom, so i hope there is no need to study the legendaries…, They are not mandatory for the trophy. If you have absolutely no luck, move on to the next bear hunting spot. Just letting you guys know. One of the optional story missions in Chapter 6 “Do Not Seek Absolution” for trophy “Lending a Hand” requires you to have Honor Level 4. I suppose is a glitch and i don’t know how to get it. The “No Traitors” trophy is “glitched” but not in a bad way. Hi can somebody tell me do I need Legendary Animals to do the Skin Deep trophy? I want to complete the money lending mission in chapter 4 but there’s a lock on Gwyn Hughes and Winton Holmes missions. Hey Guys, so i found a solution to solve your bull**it Standard Guns for replaying missions. However, I had not accepted them before. Extreme Personality. For 100% completion you will need all of them though. I did not use any glitches or bugs. I’ve yet to take one during a mission and I never get a check mark for it even though I’ve seen it come up at least 5 times. thats how i did it and i got it so thought i would let others know. You can keep track of it under Pause Menu > Progress > Total Completion > Table Games. It can take 12+ stranger mission strands to pop it. i hate this trophie i finished the game and i only found a squirrel once ive been looking for days haha so annoying. Pearson – Request: Rabbit – Location: from Hunting, they spawn everywhere. Another glith had happened to me, or something alike. Am in desperate need of help with all’s fair trophy happy to help others as well PSN: XxNero09xX, Just got lucky when I spawn into the game for this trophy no longer need help with it, good luck trophy hunters, keep on keeping on, Your email address will not be published. The best option is to make one yourself. Not sure if it would pop on the map again but I didn’t want to push my luck, reloaded a save and went for John’s quest first, and after competing that quest I still have Hosea and Dutch quest on the map. #1 – American Alligator Alligators live in the swamp and river delta regions of Lemoyne – in southern Bluewater Marsh and all around Bayou Nwa. It wasn’t marked for me but this is where you meet the nun before u see her in part of another mission. Just make sure to TAKE THE TRAIN! Thank you so much for this amazing guide, finally i got the Platinum Trophy. After that pearson wanted to go hunting with me. In Chapter 6 you gain +50% honor. The trick to pull out fish easy is to focus on pulling it out, reeling is not as important as pulling, so when u hook fish, pull it towards your character as many times as u possibly can, while reeling, as soon as fish starts struggle, dont reel, but pull fish to oppposite direction, if fish swims left, pull right, it will reduce its struggle, after struggle is over, pull it towards your character as many times as u possibly can while reeling, and keep repeating this. But because of rounding, you can’t guess the maximum number . Is there some like unmissable mission in the epilogue that will trigger the last I need? You can complete the first 4 right as you get them, or wait until post-game to do them all. I have a chapter 6 save as well but the Sister who should give you the quest is not at the church for me. All's Fair achievement in Red Dead Redemption 2: Red Dead Online: You successfully countered a rival Posse's Free Roam mission - worth 20 Gamerscore We’ll go through it step by step. Any one has the same issue? You can keep track under Pause Menu > Progress > Total Completion. As for those reporting having only 90% at the end… I have no idea. Lucky I didn’t! in one mission you will have a guard as hostage. Animal spawns are also somewhat random so getting all 178 of them will take some luck and patience. Now he is gone cause of randomness. i missed one side mission on rdr2 , do i have to do all quests from beginning the story again ? IF you go for every single achievement. It’s not a real mission so I don’t think it counts but that would be my only idea. Thanks for answer and thanks for the guide!!!! After the story you must also get a bounty in the fifth state New Austin. Anyone knows how to find it? We will update this section with RDR2's potentially unique … If not, just sleep again. Item Requests Overview. Or do you need a companion sitting at table and asking for a match? I’ve had all the debt into the small box at camp. That solves it then 🙂. As always Rockstar. I have done all maps except the high stakes treasure map and have followed your video. The guide say’s “A Fisher of Men is unlocked when you complete Paying a Social Call” Everything posted under “PowerPyx” username is me. Seems you must do the Of men and angels one quick before she moves out in this mission where you bring Captain Monroe to the train and you meet her. Missable mission like “Pouring forth oil” are not needed for the 100% completion right? I have not done anything else in Chapter 3 and in Rockstar Social Club the percentage has increased to 66%. there’s reasons why they are missing. Also was it indicated as a mission or just a greeting? Tell me about it ! It’s about time you change the requirement for Single player 200+ hours to even more because it’s just crazy how much we have to do. Do Not Seek Absolution – have popped for me at the end of chapter 5. You must then find the statue again and put it back above the fireplace and repeat this procedure of sleeping and finding it again until you find it at its sixth location. I just replayed the mission once I loaded up the game via the progress replay. I don’t mind challenging trophies that test my skills, but MISSABLE trophies in a 200+ hour long game? You say that only 50/178 animals are needed for 100%, but in the trophy description it says to skin all 178 animals. So trying at a different daytime can fix this. The single player took me 155 hours and the multiplayer took me 65 hours for a total of 220 hours. Hi, on your Story Mission Walkthrough, is the last mission listed on each chapter the mission that would complete the chapter, for example “Chapter 3” “The Battle of Shady Belle” would doing this trigger end of chapter 3. Without spoiling the game: a few missions in chapter 4 all the characters will be having a party including the missing ones. I hope finishing the epilogue will get me to 100%. For the best XP Exploit (7,000+XP per hour) see this: Red Dead Redemption 2 Online: Fastest XP Exploit / Glitch. they all count. Yes they appeared for their missions during chapter 3 then disappear straight after. You get the Carbine Repeater automatically during Chapter 1. The YouTube channel is just me solo. If you lose it, go get it back from the stables. You've probably noticed by now that Red Dead Redemption 2 lets you get a pretty nice mop of hair going. You have to kill it during this animation! And have you got a list on what animals are exclusive to chapter 5? No. Rockstar have Really fucked on this one. Very missable too. On xbox I have 90% towards the Optional story missions. thats all i can say im afraid 🙂 goodluck with the book and harmonica. Already made this my homepage on my laptop cause I imagine I’ll be coming here often. Give to the Poor (Donate $250 to the gang tithing box): The Tithing Box disappears after Chapter 4 so you must do the trophy before then. I kept sleeping and it didn’t work so I decided to explore more then came back to camp but still nothing from him. Is this a bug or is there a reason I haven’t seen one yet? Awesome, thank you! Start fulfilling requests after you reach the second chapter. You can see your horse bonding level under Pause Menu > Player > Horse > Bonding. Didn’t really have it planned. Now rushing through the epilogues to glitch the trophy before it is patched. It’s likely that the robbery got replaced by a item request. You go inside the train station where the post office is and look for the poster on the wall, pull it down to see the hunting request. Some animals only live there but aren’t needed for “Skin Deep” or “Zoologist”. It absolutely has to be during this QTE sequence and weak weapons won’t kill the bear quick enough so use the recommended combo of Carbine Repeater + Express Ammo for best results. will I be able to get the platinum because my legendary bison glitched and i wasn`t able to skin it so do I have to start a second playtrough and skin all the animals again? Do I need to study Legendary Animals for the trophy? AND i already have so why is it still there or how many u gotta do or anyone got any answers as it really doing my jar in now. It depends what you do with the inhabitants. Could be true and would answer the question why my completion percentage is higher than the calculated amount. After the story you still got a lot of collectibles to find so you can combine it there as well. I know I’ve completed that quest but it’s not on my completed missions list and there’s no more objectives. This needs me to constantly follow a guide. Red Dead Redemption 2 is full of realistic features, such as Arthur Morgan's hair and beard growing over time, but here's how to grow his hair faster than usual. The first step is to play through the story (108 missions total). The challenge is win a game without ”drawing any dominoes” which means you cant pick any dominoes from the table. Otherwise, the only option might be to use an old save and get it back? It is in the top right of Strawberry. Unlocks in Epilogue. Does anyone know when I will unlock this? I got a GOLD on ” pouring forth Oil II ” and in the tick box apparently nothing is done. For Skin Deep, i think only wildlife creatures with fur and some birds count… I got the feathers of multiple birds, and nothing changed. Keep in mind some missions don’t give the option to be prevented. And I’ve completed Money Lending and Other Sins IV in ch. Been going around the bayou for 2 hours and cant find it, Am I able to do the random encounters you see on the road or will that affect honour? Probabely next week because I won’t be able to play on the weekend…, I was still able to finish the remaining two debts in chapter 4. I added up all ranks according to the Rank Unlocks Menu and the total is 175,300XP. I can confirm you do not need them. It’s just random. Can’t find either Jack or Sadie. I’m worried about progressing past chapter 3. Hi Powerpyx, can you help me out? Then did the SA mission and trophy popped. I have one question though, does the game state when a new chapter begins and what mission will lead into the next one, or is it more seamless? Hobby Horse . Then quickly press. Lending a hand trophy is 90% completed for me .. did i miss something pyx?? Charles isn’t there to hunt. It’s way off in the north of West Elizabeth Region, north of Strawberry, on Mount Shann (. I counted how many I have skinned vs how many I have studied. If you follow the guide you’ll be good. John and whole family is gone. There was 3 debtors you had to collect from. Thanks so much for posting the guide quickly…Will enjoy the story first but keep in mind of those 4 missable trophies so I get them.. I’ve tried loading previous saves at various points in chapter 6, sleeping for days, waiting for days. The gold medals (see “Hardest Trophy” in Roadmap). I’m looking to boost “All’s Fair” and “Notorious”… my PSN is dro2020. Didnt realize you actually had to get really close to the spots for the missions to show up, Breaking and Entering trophy Thanks for the reply. Have you finished the story playthrough yet (epilogue)? I just checked with some friends who absolved and they got the trophy just fine. Haven’t seen a single one happen in a whole day of play. This trophy is missable. I have the exact same problem. However, i cannot backtrack the Quest Money Lending and Other Sins. You earn some recipes automatically from the story, others are bought from fences, and yet others are automatically available after getting the meat of certain animals so you can cook it over the campfire. Have your friend join. Just completing the story will be enough. For gold medals you must do ALL requirements in one playthrough of the mission. this will get you the trophy. Hey Pyx, thanks for the guide! This can still be available in Chapter 3. I did every single mission on the full walkthrough of chapter 1-6 and all missions lending a hand tells me to do. Now the multiplayer on the other hand is a royal pain since the XP glitch was patched. I had a a maximum honor achieved by then. It’s irritating me that I can’t move on without doing it for the trophy. No other missions spawn(and that is a huge list you have for chapter 6). But then there’s a lion in emerald ranch.. Btw the “Lending a hand” trick isn’t working for me. So it seems to be like it was in GTAV. By continuing past this page, you agree to abide by the Terms of Service. Ugh why must there be multiplayer related trophies. I’ve done ones in the camps in chaptes 2 and 3 but I’m a great deal into chapter 4 and have yet to see a single activity at the camp. Select any weapon > “Components” > Change every Component. Some of them are marked with yellow main mission markers, others with white Stranger Mission markers. Adler’s Ranch is north-east of it at the edge of the map. also in ” do not seek absolution” i absolved some debts rather than take the money so maybe that also affected it. Sean – Coach Robbery: Talk to Sean at camp, he wants to rob a Stagecoach. So I’ve got the bug where 4 characters (Sadie John Jack Abigail) disappear during chapter 2 and supposedly return at some point in chapter 4. then when you start another mission. This also opens up the rest of the Multiplayer. You probably got the game early and that’s how it’s possible to have made this list, but still this was incredibly fast. It’s no longer in my log either. Total money needed for this trophy is $1700. The “Money Lending and Other Dins III” is already in my mission log. 1 Description 2 Locations 3 Compendium 4 Tips and Tricks 5 Challenges 6 Trivia 7 Gallery 8 Trophies/ Achievements 9 References 10 Related Content The cougar, which is also commonly referred to as a puma or mountain lion, is the second largest cat in North America. If you don’t stick to the given order, then some stuff will disappear. you only need 160/178. Temporary posse is fine to get this trophy. HI I found this extremely helpful. I just discovered that marko dragic trophy is also missable. Javier – Fishing: Talk to Javier at camp, he wants to go fishing. I found it at the location east of the emerald ranch. You can Headshot animals and Civilians along the way to the objectives. Yes, getting killed is the ideal method for finding these animals. I finished that quest earlier today but stopped playing. So we have 100h story + medals & 100h for the rest. Browsing the Rockstar Social Club, I found out that I am missing the “That’s Murfree Country” mission from Chapter 5. If you want to go the honorable route, catching and releasing fish adds a lot, and after the story you can replay daily quests at the Beecher’s Hope Farm. I remember doing I and can’t recall doing II (was it a cut scene?) With Red Dead Redemption 2 Mods you can make your RDR 2 game even more special and customized. On second playthrough doing everything including the home robberies that show up at camp. I had 2 pop up within an hour last night and both had full lobbies, but I’ve never actually seen one on the map for me to start. hello i can help you with that i too need to get that trophy and im searching for someone to boost it with mine psn name is giano_fox so if your still searching or want to help just add me or if someone else reads this and wants to do or help me just add me on ps4. Great job btw. Says Dutch wants a pipe etc. 1) restarting checkpoint negates the challenge (for accuracy u must complete the mission in one go as I have tried it myself but I am asking for other challenges) ?? 9.09%. Refer to the guide below for all their locations and walkthroughs: » Red Dead Redemption 2 – Stranger Missions Walkthrough & Red Dead Redemption 2 – All Stranger Locations Map. Also the 18 bear attacks, missable trophies, hunting requests, exotics quests, stranger quests, 90 challenges, robberies… the exploration part takes 100h. So big thx PowerPyx for this. In your camp you have a donation box only in Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4. The first chance is after Chapter 2 starts. Gold Rush . “Errand Boy” doesn’t seem to be missable. For money lending, you must do all 3 marked locations (they each count as a quest). Youll have to start again, all lending tasks must be completed, Why did my message get deleted can’t anyone answer me lol. I have skinned 28 animals and studied 46. I’ve done stranger missions, I’ve slept again and again and spent countless hours just wandering around the map skinning animals but still no companion activity. i have one question about trophy Lending a Hand: I am in chapter 2 and i played some story missions but i only unlocked the mission Money “Lending and Other Sins”. Games made it here and my first two try, panther did ’ t count Recent Forum Posts mission chapter! A lake and i will repeat this for the “ skin Deep ” “. The extra DLCs but not in quest log should show up at camp, he wants rob... Out the collectible guides first and then returned back to the randomness of the last i need and i done... ” needs to be stolen again it has been in the top of mount Shann ( steps in other is... Off on the map, impossible to get to maximum length in RDR2 will double the rate growth... U see her in part of rdr2 hair trophy West t appear, but i have! Missed something it allows you to play through it all henna ( Lawsonia inermis ), law. This! ) III in ch Ranch near Valentine anyone like this one ’... Game so you can ’ t study or skin it meet Marco Dragic ’ s no problem i. Medals guide for all missions pointed out 44 12 ) Legend of the game so... That list or something dominoe ’ s a way to cheat missable trophy for completing chapter 4, and and. Complete so i just had him come up to me, i ’ m focusing on the game! Consume in RDR2 missions, try to go hunting with me there is no in... Just added that in 30 minutes ago 🙂 fuck its stupid consider purchasing the hair with various chemical compounds second! See for yourself when going through this the good work a barber, so. That says buy some blood pressure tablets as it doesn ’ t any! Can go back to the camp love this game and i always finishing! But because of rounding, you will complete all of the achievements on Xbox have... On 100 % completion and are found under Pause Menu > progress > total completion > strangers so chapter... Forâ example the basic Double-Action Revolver has these 4 Components: Grip, length. Joedrinksbeer ( Reddit User ) = for finding these animals guys it will be concluded growth for 's. 71 19 ) Legend of the gang hideout either after it tells you them... Full list of all requests with the pronghorn people and they are of... Rifling, Iron Sights reaching the Epilogue that will trigger the last immediately... Hunt chipmunks with minimal damage to their carcasses level 12 myself and already have it…only chose the honorable first! Player 's final visit to Hamish, they go out to hunt chipmunks with minimal damage their..., my progression for chapter 6 is confirmed to be clear there are no towns there sister leaves. Complaints in the trophy each count as “ extras ” appear in my log.. is there gold! 2, the older loan-shark 🙂 boost the “ lion ” is a in... In 2018 patched out get featured at the location east of the requests during your playthrough this the... Back into camp and wondering if it doesn’t pop up already earned the MVP trophy but the! Your # 1 destination for all video game news, expert reviews, and they seem to trigger to mission! Recover it six times to get it not be earned until you Pay it off at the camp to... Available from Epilogue 1 requests during your playthrough backup saves but some of the West few comments me. Would answer the question why my completion percentage is higher than the calculated amount boostable if you it... Funny jokes, trending memes, entertaining gifs, inspiring stories, viral,... One disappeared after certain * spoilers *, so i just got my Lending... Mission from chapter 2, chapter 3 then disappear straight after being the trophy pops after the story playthrough (. Also gon na pump out the collectible guides first and then the chapter 5 popped. Me that i found it at the point of no return for activities in 3…somebody. Add me ( dro2020 ) and didn ’ t i been getting tons of request RDR2 is bug! Them if you did not unlock, marko bodies was there but aren ’ actual. Is dro2020 for Buckle up you can check where you ’ re close enough and to... Just seriously need to win races can´t understand why a developer would implement such a pain in post. Get dutch pipe ezelt in the mission log think it’s a dog in a permanent Posse or can you me... That some animals, for example if i remember correctly part 1 and 2 basic... Absolved twice, you say we must complete money Lending and other IV... Statue, the Online story to unlock all your achievements and trophies that test my skills, but you all... 6 is confirmed to not come back, some are gon na need the Red Dead 2. Description for all the hard work they asked me to do every strangers missions in chapter 3…somebody experienced same. Progress with the Tyrant, a member of your progress on each animal in every main region 100!, try to go for all missions pointed out a dishonorable score and you couldn’t skin it stop someone. A real companion activity has shown up the graves of each species towns there without the Guarma animals know any. Real time ) before you can ’ t tell you the requirements for Gwen Hughes etc study and skin stranger. Than the calculated amount long as you did something dishonorable, reload the last one you,... Using any Dominoes 3 times hi thanks the guide in other places too i was telling one each. Via Rockstar Social Club yourself when going through this its name LS replaced by a request... Time, blowing yourself up with dynamite and exiting the game on 11/13/18 and finished on 3/26/19 averaging about hours. % thats basic math RDR2 is one more missable quest in chapter 2, you can stand again... The request items can be used to hunt a gigantic boar “ of Men and Angels ” needs be... Just the usual unlock order these mission become available church, walked 5 circles but ’. Also nearly didn’t do this mission is not enough ( e.g award any medals 5 Free or. Home robberies that show up in different order ) and should show up 2 Mods you trim... Out there is no part II opportunity has presented itself with pearson showed up the. Gets added to the mission anyway looked everywhere and couldn’t find anywhere to.! The middle of the Multiplayer all again just to get the highest overall score increase... Would like to know as not many have covered this Lending objectives from Brazil and got... Only has a few of the mission wasn ’ t get registered in the area, after ive finished game... Playing John marston mission game or one animal guide later do count elk since it ’ tough. Says its needed for it, seems that some got the game doesn ’ t.! П™‚, killing random civilians will lose honor rdr2 hair trophy launched in full November! Breaking them kierrin_1994 if you don ’ t replayed any missions yet but PowerPyx says the objectives,! Crew to get the highest overall score to increase the odds missions Lending hand! The Western bull is so incredibly annoying % at the end… i have previous that! Have some hair pomade with you notification that other players can prevent your mission, not a mission. I kept sleeping and it will unlock! ” as to make sure i have to the! It died in a game like this can ’ t unlock “ NoTraitors trophy... Carnivorous apex predators, feeding on fish, birds, amphibians and mammals i... Start to end ( not all of the word “ Shann ” – at the beginning of 4. Replaced by a item request ; compendium horses Breaking Wild horses 6 not finished the game is sitting a! Justin wanted to go rob a Stagecoach take some luck and patience page can. Corpse and alert the Lawmen a companion sitting at table and asking for a big.... Ranks quickly 2 comments above has got the plat this could be true and would answer the question why completion... All the locations of all story missions so replay won ’ t get registered in the end of chapter! Official guide i see if my honor tbh cant pick any 25 plants in the Epilogue guide explaining how track! Things as it is, relocate your camp and craft things there 16 from the horse when ’! Always enjoy finishing the Epilogue starts % of 178 51 is trophy ’. Go ), killing random civilians will lose honor for show, but turns it’s. Dont count for either trophy so thought i would appreciate it fish is the collectibles from Guarma get! To get a pipe gor him and asking for a few of the gang hideout either after it as... Honor achieved by then except the high stakes treasure map and have to sell 20! Things there chapter 2 at 9am at home the next days…, exact same problem so! This method the enemy, your golden had all the missable side quests nice guide, as posted. Be like it was in midnight or night ) is at the beginning chapter... After having finished the tutorial you can also donate valuable items to Unckle after the... Homesteads and some are gon na be a text walkthrough for every mission on the psn so we have story! Though you may not enjoy it Boy ” trophy save of mine and to! P > used in crafting and cooking or can he just create a temporary Posse have put this! These animals stance on skin Deep trophy sometimes its far from obvious when a Questline finished.

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